Our project represented as ECAS – African Futures

Our project team prepared a talk for the European Conference of African Studies (ECAS) which took place in Cologne from 30th of May to the 3rd of June 2023 under the theme “African Futures”. Our talk on “investigating linguistic creativity through collaborative research on African youth language practices” was part of the exciting and innovative panel “creative and critical: engaging African youth and their futures through collaborative research” organized by Chloé Buire and Laura Nkula-Wenz. We had a very engaged discussion on how to involve African youth on a par in academic research projects in social science and the humanities and the challenges that come with such collaborations.

More Activities

Presentation Nancy

Research Impact workshop and online research methods seminar in Zambia – February/March

Research Impact workshop and online research methods seminar in Zambia Hannah, Nancy, and Elvis organised a workshop and seminar in Zambia. Here are some highlights ...
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Maskani – a youth chill spot in Stone Town, Zanzibar

Fieldwork in Tanzania July/August 2022

Together with my research assistant Faris Ramadhani I explored Kiswahili youth language practices, often referred to as lugha ya mtaani in Stone Town, Zanzibar and ...
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University Lubumbashi

Exploratory fieldwork in Lubumbashi, DR Congo, June 2022

Exploratory fieldwork in Lubumbashi, DR Congo, June 2022 In late June 2022, I traveled to Lubumbashi, southeastern DR Congo, for an exploratory fieldwork stay of ...
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workshop malawi

Workshop Malawi: Youth language practices and morphosyntactic variation

As part of the 9th conference on Bantu languages at MUST in Blantyre, Malawi, our project team organized an interdisciplinary and versatile workshop on Youth ...
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zimbabwe outline

Fieldwork in Zimbabwe April 2022

Eita, how far? As I came to know this is one of the most frequent greetings among young people in Bulawayo. After having focused on ...
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Interview Andrea Hollington Hatua kwa Hatuna

Hatua kwa Hatua – Interview with Andrea Hollington

Andrea Hollington was interviewed about her research on lugha ya mtaani by Muslim Nassor for Hatua kwa Hatua
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